The Problem - Dust!

Why The CDU Dust Filter?

Dust Filter - Patent 539220

The CDU Dust Filter - was created due to a non-existence - of internally installed Dust Filters for computers. The airflow is non-restrictive: it complements the existing airflow inside the computer case.

Is Your Computer 

- slowing down? 

- overheating?

Dust is the most likely cause!

Install a CDU Dust Filter to help eliminate this problem.

Dust Filter for Servers and Desktops only.

CDU Dust Filter

The CDU Dust Filter is the ULTIMATE preventive maintenance solution, for virtually eliminating dust, inside a computer case.

The 3-dimensional filter and fan are fitted internally to catch dust entering the computer, allowing filtered air to circulate around the inside of the case. And so the electronic components are cooled.

 Maintenance Contracts
Computer companies that have maintenance contracts with their customers will benefit from having the CDU Dust Filter installed. These computers will have less hardware failure and hence fewer engineer callouts, ultimately saving money.

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We envisage them to be winners in an office or workshop situation ... PCWorld
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