The Problem - Dust!

Why The CDU Dust Filter?

Dust Filter - Patent 539220

The CDU Dust Filter - was created due to a non-existence - of internally installed Dust Filters for computers. The airflow is non-restrictive: it complements the existing airflow inside the computer case.

Clean Air is What We Do!

Airflow is very important for the cooling of a computer, but even more important is a dust-free airflow.

Dust-laden air that enters the case covers the heat-sink and other components, stopping the cooling effect and causing overheating. Your computer  may slow down ultimately and fail.
Having a CDU Dust Filter installed will make this the primary air intake and with the majority of the dust taken out of this air, the cooling effect is increased for the life time of the computer (the dust filter is suggested to be replaced at regular intervals, as all filters in electrical devices are to be replaced.).

Having the Dust Filter installed has the  common result of less hardware failure.