The Problem - Dust!

Why The CDU Dust Filter?

Dust Filter - Patent 539220

The CDU Dust Filter - was created due to a non-existence - of internally installed Dust Filters for computers. The airflow is non-restrictive: it complements the existing airflow inside the computer case.

Just Imagine - No Dust in your Notebook!

We have designed dust filters to solve dust problems for Notebooks/Laptops.

Over heating, slow performance or total failure caused by the dust intake into the machine, is a major problem.

People understandably use these portable devices in very dusty environments, like on the carpet, on the bed, on dirty surfaces, on their lap (clothing and body contamination) and many other areas, dust is sucked in with the air and settles on mainly the heat sink, which is a component solely to keep the processing chip cool. When the heat sink clogs up with dust - over heating occurs and major problems can happen.

With our current patent's and others that are pending, we can offer this brilliant technology to businesses and manufacturers of notebooks.