Dust and Your Computers
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We have created a filter that reduces the amount of dust entering the computer case, leaving cool air to circulate.

By having the Dust Filter inside the computer, the air in forced into the box through a filter and circulates cooling the components, the air is expelled through the existing power supply exhaust fan.


When you take a close look at the filter material, you will find the material is intertwined to collect the most minute particles, and enhance the greatest airflow possible. Some 2 dimensional filters inhibits the airflow.

It is a good clean airflow that keeps the components cool.


Why install a Dust Filter?

Save your Money
Protecting Computer Components
Helps Maximises the Computers Lifespan
Reduces Problems
Disposible and Easily Replaced


Air Flow

Note the Dust Filter is the inlet air source, we have agreed that it makes no difference whether the Dust Filter is installed in the bottom front (as shown above), at the back or on the side, just as long as the computer has an airflow within the box.

The result is a very manageable clean computer to keep operating longer.

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