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This website describes the "fonetik" remedial spelling system originally endorsed, published and distributed by the then New Zealand's Special Education Service.

Written by one of its educational psychologist's, Craig Cameron Jackson, it teaches failing spellers aged 7 and above how to spell a word phonetically, 'just as it sounds' which results in a decipherable spelling, that can be read and understood, equally as well as a correctly-spelt word. 

A leading international authority on spelling has descibed 'fonetik' as the easiest to teach programme, yet devised. The teaching steps are simple and easily learnt by students at the mid primary level and above.

The programme is designed to be used in conjunction with the latest electronic word processing technologies.

More information on "fonetik", including published journal articles is to be found by googling the descriptor 'The 'fonetik' remedial spelling system'.

Since the latest facelift of this website, to date there have been 1236 visitors, and over 556 downloads of the free 'fonetik' manual, with over 95% of the people downloading the manual rating the website and it's contents as very good to excellent. This has been achieved without advertising or media coverage.

Should you be interested in learning more about the history of 'fonetik' and the Ministry of Education's lack of support for it click here.  History 

Read about the key points in this fantastic remedial spelling programme."       

 Key Points 

A working example of the "fonetik" spelling system.


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